The L&R Way:
Affecting Corporate Culture

L&R Distributors was seeking a way to introduce and communicate its company vision to its 1,100 team members nationwide. They challenged Bottom Line Marketing Group to help them convey the “What,” “Why” and “How” of their mission, dubbed The L&R Way, in an exciting, multifaceted campaign.

With the goal to promote a culture where each team member relentlessly “challenges the status quo” and feels that he is a “designer” that directly contributes to the “Ultimate Shopping Experience for Our Customers’ Customer,” we set out to help L&R increase its sense of spirit, camaraderie and commitment.

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    Rollout event

    An organization-wide event was the perfect way to introduce The L&R Way to all team members at once. Held at three locations nationwide (New York, Arkansas and California) with live hookups for remote team members, the program, supporting materials and complementary t-shirt given to all employees were developed and coordinated by Bottom Line.

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    Our in-house video team produced and directed The L&R Way Rollout film. Featured at The L&R Way Rollout event, this TV talk-show style video, hosted by TJ McCormack, media personality and Fox News contributor, clearly communicated L&R leadership’s vision.

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    One of the most effective ways that any company or organization can communicate its ideas and goals is through sending out a newsletter. Creating a unique and exciting newsletter, as follow-up after The L&R Way Rollout Event, was a great way to let L&R employees know that The L&R Way is here to stay.

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    An innovative employee website exclusively dedicated to The L&R Way, was a great forum for team members to learn what The L&R Way is all about in a fun, informative and interactive manner. The website is now the go-to place for news and updates, features a place for employees to “Challenge the Status Quo” and even to ask their questions about The L&R Way.

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    Promotional gifts

    Common dress can serve as a reminder to employees that they are their companies’ brand ambassadors and what their company stands for. With this intent, we created custom t-shirts and caps to increase a sense of spirit, camaraderie and commitment within L&R’s corporate culture.

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    Event signage and communication materials

    Podium signs and life size standing banners set the tone for the event and served as interesting visual material for curious, roving eyes in the crowd. Our pamphlets also educated the attendees and allowed them to have a handy reference guide that they could peruse on their own, after the event.

“The campaign, with its concepts, materials and messaging, was a smashing success…nothing can testify to this better than the client’s words themselves: “’The L&R Way Rollout Event’ went off better than I could have imagined. Our team was so impressed with the presentation, artistic touches and the quality. You should be proud of what you achieved. The BLMG team are all referable in my book.”

– Marc J. Bodner, CEO