5 Culture Truths Every Company Needs to Learn

We’re now accepting submissions for our 2016 Top Company Cultures list. Think your company should be on it? Apply Now » Successful companies know that in order to entice and retain top talent, they have to create an environment where people actually want to work. Over the past few years, what used to be motivators for employees — pay, benefits, … Read More

4 Lessons on Work Culture That I Learned at Google

I spent nearly 10 years at Google doing all kinds of stuff. I watched the company grow, change, get better, get worse, make mistakes, find solutions, and evolve—all from the inside. Some things I saw were brilliant, others less so. But now that I’m building my own startup, there are a few key aspects of Google’s work culture that I’ve … Read More

The New Dan Lyons Book Should Have Us All Rethinking Corporate Culture

The biggest story in tech last week wasn’t an IPO or Facebook’s developer conference. It was the release of a sensational, scandal-brewing book: Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-up Bubble. The memoir, written by Dan Lyons, a journalist and a writer for HBO’s Silicon Valley, offers a scathing account of what it’s like to work in tech. The book is … Read More